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12 Days of Forever (The Beaumont Series #4.5) by Heidi McLaughlin

1 “Would you care for a warm towel, ma’am?” I blink and turn my focus to the flight attendant pushing her wet towel in my direction. I take it and smile at her as my thanks. I don’t know what to do with it, but others are wiping their hands. I opt to cover my face and let the warmth seep through. I was hoping that my mind would focus on the hot cloth lying on my face, but it doesn’t. I’m escaping. At least that’s what Oliver tells me. We’ve been together off and on now for over a year, and lately it’s been more off than on. He says it’s me, but dating the producer of my Broadway show, Enchantment, has never been my cup of tea. I want to earn my way. I want the lead based on my ability as a dancer, not because of who my boyfriend is. He doesn’t understand that. He says that he loves me, but right now I’m clearly in the “like” stages of life. I’m not sure he’s the one, but I’m drawn to him and I don’t know why. I thought that it was because he was older, and I felt he was more sophisticated, but lately that hasn’t been enough for me to give him my heart. So
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