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As the Dawn Breaks by Erin Noelle

Prologue SILENT ON THE COOL, brown leather couch in Green’s home office, I anxiously wait for him to enter. The light of dawn breaks through the single window in the dark room, and shortly thereafter, the shrill ringing of his alarm clock follows. I hear him get up and move around, then the sound of the shower. I’m growing impatient. I want this done. Nearly thirty minutes later, he waltzes into the room in his navy bathrobe, completely unaware of my presence. The mere sight of him disgusts me, and instantly, I reach for the 35mm stowed in my jacket with my gloved right hand. As much as I want to end it right now, I need to follow the plan I’ve spent so many hours devising. I can’t afford to f*ck this up. Still oblivious I’m in the room, he plops down in his massive desk chair and turns the reading lamp on. “Good morning, Robert,” I greet him, my voice laced with malice. His body jolts with terror and his eyes scan the room, searching for the bringer of his demise. The moment he sees me, he stiffens and begins to reach down under his desk. Lifting the gun, I point it directly at his head. “Hands on top of the de
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