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Catching Caitlin by Amy Isan

Chapter 1 “Dammit,” I sighed, sweeping back my hair. I slammed the trunk of my car and fumed, still turning over the events of the day in my head. Earlier in the morning I opened a letter from my college, and it said exactly what I thought it would: my scholarship wasn’t being renewed. It went on to explain that my grade point average was too low to maintain the scholarship. There wasn’t much I could do but go back to my parents’ house. The idea left a sour taste on my tongue. I barely packed anything and mostly threw my belongings into the back of my old-ass station wagon, getting ready to drive away from the embarrassment that was my school career as fast as I could. I climbed in and was thankful that the aged leather didn’t set my thighs and hands on fire. My car started up on the first try, which was another thing to be thankful for. Last week it was being a lot more temperamental. I’m glad it was something to help my mood out. I swung out of the parking lot and made my way toward the highway. As I drove down the road, it dawned on me that I should have called my parents to let them know I was coming. But woul
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