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Cooking in Cast Iron: Inspired Recipes for Dutch Ovens, Frying Pans, Grill Pans, Roaster, and more by Valerie Aikman-Smith

Stylish and functional cast-iron cookware is prized for its versatility, durability, and exceptional heating capabilities. Now home cooks can get the most out of their cast-iron collection with over 40 recipes for the Dutch oven, skillet, and more.

Whether it’s your grandmother’s well-seasoned black skillet or the brightly colored enameled pot you received as a wedding present, cast iron is the perfect choice for nearly any cooking task. You can use a Dutch oven to slow-simmer chicken until meltingly tender; a heavy frying pan to sear steaks to a juicy, browned finish; a ridged stove-top grill pan to cook golden and oozing cheese sandwiches; and a sturdy roasting pan to caramelize sweet root vegetables in the oven. Organized by type of cookware, each chapter shows the many ways to use these popular pots and pans, adored by professional chefs and home cooks alike. More than 40 tempting recipes are included, many of which boast beautiful, full-color photographs. From a hearty vegetable frittata and spicy beef chili to comforting lemon-herb chicken and decadent chocolate bread pudding, this book offers recipes for every meal of the day.

Sample Recipes:

Dutch Ovens & Braisers
Olive oil–braised potatoes with herbs
Brussels sprouts with bacon & onions
Herbed beef stew
Southern-style fried chicken
Garlic-braised chicken
Asian-style braised short ribs
Rustic walnut no-knead bread
Berry cobbler

Frying Pans
Tomato, arugula & goat cheese frittata
Dutch baby with cinnamon pears
Zucchini fritters with herbed yogurt
Jalapeño-cheddar corn bread

Grill Pans
Summer vegetables with balsamic
Fish tacos with mango salsa
Chicken under a brick
Three-cheese panini
Peaches with cardamom honey

Baking, Roasting & Gratin Pans
Breakfast strata
Potato & chard gratin
Macaroni & cheese with bread crumbs
Meat lasagna
Rhubarb & apple crumble

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