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Fushigi Yugi: VizBig Edition, Volume 5 (Fushigi Yûgi: The Mysterious Play #13-15) by Yuu Watase

R to L (Japanese Style). Get It All--Get Big , The 3-in- Edition Change Your Perspective--Get BIGA Collection of Volumes 13 - 15 Yui summons Seiryu and uses one of her wishes to make Nakago a god. She then sends Miaka back to the real world to separate her from Tamahome, but Tamahome holds on to Miaka, and the couple is sent to present-day Japan together. Suboshi follows Yui to Japan, intent on destroying Miaka for Yui. Simultaneous battles rage in both "The Universe of the Four Gods" and in present-day Japan, and Celestial Warriors die. But Yui is soon to discover that having her wishes granted comes at a great personal price...

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