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I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson

I was addicted to sugar. I needed it every day. I convinced myself it was “good sugar”. But sugar is sugar. And it was making me sick, tired and bloated. I set about researching all the different ways to quit the stuff. It took a while. But in the process I found what works — for good. They’re simple techniques and they’re kind, sensible and totally make sense. In the I Quit Sugar ebook you’ll receive:

A sharp 8-week program that walks you through each crucial stage, week by week
A tidy, easy-to-relay-to-mates-at-the-pub explanation of how + why sugar is making us fat + sick
A sugar replacement plan: tested + nutritionally sound
“Sweet” sugar-free recipes
New treat ideas
A detox + a suggested supplements list
A downloadable shopping list of new ingredients to replace sugar in your life

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