Inspector Banks | Trolls Holiday | Paddington 2 (2017)

Knight Takes Queen by C.C. Gibbs

CHAPTER 1London, MayKate set the last tiny newborn outfit on the pile of baby clothes that sat beside her on the antique Anatolian carpet, and looked across the tumble of torn wrapping and empty boxes at a man known for the brevity of his relationships.‘Are you really excited about the baby, Dominic? Or are you just being polite? I’d completely understand if this isn’t your thing … I mean … well – all these lovely gifts aside, you and babies … with your lifestyle.’ Kate shrugged. ‘It’s not necessarily a good fit.’‘I like kids.’Dominic’s bland disclaimer brought to mind his easy rapport with his nieces and nephews in San Francisco. ‘Still,’ she pressed because she had a tendency to overanalyse everything and Dominic Knight, billionaire and world-class playboy, was the least likely candidate for fatherhood, ‘have you considered that raising a child is a serious commitment for at least eighteen years, probably more with college and maybe graduate school and—’‘I know what I’m doing, Katherine.’ Seated on the floor on the other side of the
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