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Necroscope: Resurgence, The Lost Years Volume II by Brian Lumley

Necroscope: Resurgence, The Lost Years Volume II (Necroscope by Brian Lumley PART ONE: THE SLEEPING AND THE UNDEAD INSPECTOR IAN SON INVESTIGATES It was ten in the morning, but at this time of year, in this place, it might just as easily be four in the evening. Under a heavy blanket of lowering snow clouds and in the shadow of the hills the time made little or no difference: everything looked grey... except that which now lay exposed, with the snow shovelled back from it, under the canopy of a scenes-of-crime canvas rigged up by the local police. That what was left of it was not grey but red. Very red. And torn... "Animal," said old Angus McGowan, giving a curt, knowing nod. "A creature did it, an' a big yin at that!" "Aye, that's what we thought," Inspector lan son returned the old man's nod. "A beast for sure. That's why we called you in, Angus. But now the big question: what sort of a beast? And how a beast... I mean, up here in the snow and all?" "Eh?" Angus McGowan looked at the Police Inspector curiously, even scathingly. "Up here in the snow and a'? Why... where else, man?" lan son s
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