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Paper Plate Gourmet - Easy Recipes for the Everyday Chef: a Cookbook for the Rest of Us [The Easy Recipes Cookbook] by Michelle Collins

Welcome to the Paper Plate Gourmet cookbook. More than a collection of dishes, this is the manifesto of a long awaited movement, easy, healthy, family cooking. Bursting with helpful tips and tricks, this unpretentious collection of exciting and classic food will stir your imagination and set your culinary juices flowing.

Ever wanted to make your own guacamole but didn't know where to start? Ever tried sour cream chocolate chip cookies or balsamic pork loin? Then Paper Plate Gourmet is your family’s new favorite cookbook. Honest, wholesome and laid-back, this family cookbook is a brilliant compilation of found and enhanced recipes, dishes from Mom’s kitchen and classic crowd pleasers. Stuffed with easy recipes full of fresh and healthy ingredients, inspired by dishes we all love to eat but never attempt to cook ourselves, this stress-free collection offers flavor and fuel for your family.

Easy Recipes Including:
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Egg Casserole
Inside-Out Stuffed Shells
Salsa Chicken with Cheese
That Good Salad
Cake Mix Cookies
and many more easy recipes for every skill level!

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