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Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo, Volume 2 (Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo #2) by Matsuri Akino

The bestselling pet shop of horrors returns--in Tokyo

Kabukicho, Japan--a district where drifters gather and everything is obtainable. In the heart of Kabukicho, lays Neo Chinatown, an elaborate recreation of old Shanghai. Here, you can find all manner of goods from China, including food, clothing and toys of every kind. However, behind the doors of a mysterious pet shop you can find so much more...for a price. The death of a bird in the city ignites a great crisis that threatens to destroy all of Japan. Is Count D part of the solution...or the problem. Later, it will fall on Count D to help a wife who is treated like a servant and a girl who is imprisoned by her family? But when the Count helps, it usually comes at a steep price. Who will be the one to pay it?

About the series... It's been several years since the bizarre Chinese Count known only as D left L.A.'s Chinatown. In that time, life has begun returning to normal in the world and the nightmares associated with Count D's pet shop of horrors have ceased. But across the Pacific, amidst the bright lights of Tokyo, a mysterious Chinese man has been spotted, and he seems to be opening a new shop...

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