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Special Relationship by Robyn Sisman

Renowned London literary agent Annie Hamilton never forgot Jordan Hope. And now he's back. As the saxophone-playing United States presidential hopeful, Jordan is a constant reminder to Annie of their whirlwind love affair during the heady days of Oxford in the 1960s—and of the secret she's kept ever since.

Comfortably married with three wonderful children, Annie thinks her life is complete. But her son Tom, now twenty-one years old, discovers Annie's secret—and his own shocking connection to it. In tumult, Tom flees to Manhattan to try to unravel the past and confront the man who might be his father, with no regard for Jordan's delicate political situation. Desperate to explain, Annie races after Tom…and straight into the arms of the man she thought she'd never see again.

Twenty years ago at Oxford, she was in love with an American Rhodes scholar with big dreams and even bigger political amibtions. Now, as he is poised to become the next President of the United States, her shocking, long-hidden secret is about to be revealed. They had a son--one who claims to tell his real father and the whole world the explosive truth.

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