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Stop Procrastination: 10 Power Habits To Earn Back 1,072 Hours A Year - How to Stop Being Lazy and Obliterate Your Goals in Life: Comprehensive Blueprint to Finally Stop Procrastination Today! by Benjamin Wilson

Stop Procrastination: How to Stop Procrastinating Today and Earn Back Your 1,072 Hours Per Year!

Are you a procrastinator?

The average American is estimated to procrastinate almost 3 hours every single day!

Have you ever had an assignment due at the end of the week, and found yourself wasting time until literally the very last minute?

How much of this time do you spend on activities that don’t take you towards your goals? But you are always able to rationalize with yourself that everything is fine and you can just start tomorrow.

I mean we would all like to get more things done, and become productive in achieving our goals. But procrastinators are naturally driven put off those important tasks, and let them slip through the cracks.

I can understand this because I was a procrastinator once too, until I finally had enough…

Develop Knowledge, Psychological understanding and 10 Power Habits to Obliterate Your Life Goals.

The good news is that it’s not too hard to stop procrastinating…

In this great book is "10 Power Habits to finally stop procrastinating, and earn back 1072 hours a year" I reveal the 3 biggest influencers to why 95% of people procrastinate and proceed to solve them for you...

We investigate these procrastination factors with interesting details, and examples in order to get a thorough understanding that it is not your fault that you are a victim of these 3 procrastination factors...(pain and pleasure, overwhelm, and laziness) But after this book you can now be in control of these factors instead of them being in control of you.

I then have specifically dedicated up to 4 Power Habits to each factor in order to obliterate your bad procrastination habits and replace them with new ones!

Preview or purchase my book now to see each of these habits in detail!

What is NOT in this book... (for a good reason)

In this book I am not going to advise you to use any of the mainstream common solutions that simply do not work.

You will not hear about strategies and habits about setting ‘SMART Goals’, ‘Capturing ideas’, using the ‘ABCDE method,’ or the ‘43 Folders system.’ These fancy names sound great, but when put into practice they are futile.

I am also not going to tell you any of the generic advice (most likely from fellow procrastinators) that you have probably heard over a hundred times and such as ‘Batching Similar Tasks’ and setting up ‘Monthly’ or ‘Weekly Reviews’.

The reason why most of the time these strategies don’t work is because they don’t motivate or educate you on the underlying causes of why you procrastinate. These strategies are like putting a Band-Aid over your snakebite. They are tacky solutions that don’t address the real problem.

If stopping procrastination, overcoming laziness, and revolutionising your identity to achieve your life goals Interests you...

Then scroll up and get your copy of this book NOW! I am ready to take you on an exciting journey to get a brand new perspective on why you procrastinate, and finally address with an proven habits how to overcome this behaviour.

Here is the book contents pages and a birds eye view of the book:



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