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Stupid Cupid by Arabella Weir

It's only "forty-bloody-two miserable, sodding days" before her wedding and Hat Grant, the heroine of Stupid Cupid, has just been dumped. Too scared to face the truth behind her fiancé's "it's-not-you-it's-me speech", Hat decides not to let this little hitch stand in her way and steadfastly continues planning a wedding to die for. It's somehow easier to plough through a step-by-step wedding day countdown than worry that there's no sign of the groom.

There's a limit, though, to how many times you can pad around your bedroom in wedding shoes to break them in or argue with your mother over the seating plan. Stargazer lilies and vol-au-vent fillings aside, it's not long before everything's ready and there's nothing to prevent Hat from listening to the frantic, panic-stricken voice inside her that's screaming "there's no groom". It's time to embark on the increasingly desperate (and funny) Top Ten Ways To Get Your Boyfriend Back, via a nasty bunny boiling incident and an episode worthy of Frank Spencer. Just how far will Hat go before she realises she's more interested in getting married than being married?

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