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The Ex-Factor by Andrea Semple

Martha Seymore is single again, since she walked out on Luke the Lying Cheating Bastard (formerly known as the Sexiest Journalist on the Planet). And her new flatmate is the ultimate party girl, who's cornered the market on booze and boy toys. Just the person to cheer Martha up--and possibly get her arrested. With her love life a mess, perhaps Martha is better off focusing on work! And the office is the perfect place for her to forge ahead with something she's really good at: telling other people how to conduct their love lives. But who knew the Powers-that-Be would order her, the newly celibate, to "sex up" column--or else? Oh, the irony, Oh, the inhumanity, Oh, the possibilities! Maybe it's time for Martha to begin putting her money where her mouth is--starting with exes, and ending with...well, who knows?

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