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The Pirate Lord by Sabrina Jeffries

Chapter 1 How much it is to be regretted, that the British ladies should ever sit down contented to polish, when they are able to reform…. —HANNAH MORE ENGLISH WRITER AND PHILANTHROPIST ESSAYS ON VARIOUS SUBJECTS…FOR YOUNG LADIES London, January 1818 Miss Sara Willis had known a great many awkward moments in her twenty-three years. There was the time as a seven-year-old when her mother had caught her filching biscuits from the grand kitchen at Blackmore Hall, or the time shortly afterward when she’d fallen into the fountain at her mother’s wedding to her stepfather, the late Earl of Blackmore. Then there was the ball last year when she’d unwittingly introduced the Duchess of Merrington to the duke’s mistress. But none of those compared to this—being physically accosted by her stepbrother as she departed from Newgate Prison in the company of the Ladies’ Committee. Jordan Willis—the new Earl of Blackmore, Viscount Thornworth, and Baron Ashley—wasn’t the sort of man to mask his disapproval, as so many members of Parliament had learned to their detriment. And now he took charge of h
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