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There's No Such Thing As A Warewolf by MaryJanice Davidson

There's No Such Thing As A Warewolf by MaryJanice Davidson CHAPTER ONE As any werewolf knows, smells and emotions and even raised voices havecolors and texture. And as any blind werewolf knows—not that there were any besides him, to the best of his knowledge—you could take those smells, emotions, and conversations and do a pretty good job of seeing. Not a great job, comparably speaking, but enough to get around. Enough to have a solid sense of the world. “But I can’t be pregnant,” Mrs. Dane was saying. “There’s just no way.” “There’s at least one way.” “But I’m infertile! The clinic said!” “Accidents happen,” he said cheerfully. He knew she was stunned, but pleased. And as soon as the shock wore off, she’d be ecstatic. He could have told her that her fallopian tubes had managed to unblock themselves over the years, but that would raise awkward questions. After all, he was just her G.P. He wasn’t treating her for infertility. “I’d say you’re…” Thirty-nine and a half days along “…about six weeks pregnant. I’m going to w
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