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When the Sun Goes Down by Erin Noelle

Prologue “We the jury, find the defendant, Robert Allen Green, not guilty in the sole count of the crime of murder in the first degree.” The words not guilty echo throughout the courtroom like a shot in the night. Everyone is stunned to silence, including the man on trial and his team of attorneys. The young, teen-aged girl sitting in the front row jumps up, tears streaming wildly down her face as she screams, “I saw him do it! I watched him kill my mom with my own eyes! How can this happen? What is wrong with you people?” The judge bangs his gavel and calls for order in the court, while the adults surround the girl, pick her up, and carry her out of the courtroom. Right before they get her through the door, she turns over her shoulder and calls out in a choked sob. “You will pay for this! I will get revenge!” Chapter One “Miss Foster! Miss Foster! Is today puh-cussion day?” “Miss Foster, can I play the bongo drums?” “No, I want to play the bongos, Josie! Girls play the triangle!” “Paul, you should play the bells, ‘cause you’re a ding dong.” Chuckli
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