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A Low Down Dirty Shane (Misfits & Mayhem #1) by Sierra Dean

Chapter One Some days being a bounty hunter stunk. The vampire snarled in Shane’s face, her breath rank with the copper tang of old blood and her spit wetting his cheek as she bared her fangs like a wild dog. Her lips were caked with red, as though she were a child who hadn’t quite mastered keeping her mother’s lipstick inside the lines. Lady vamps had been the worst for Shane when he first started his job for the vampire council. He wasn’t exactly an old-school-chivalry kind of guy, but still…something hadn’t sat right about punching a chick in the face. Or blowing her head off with a .44 Magnum. Until one had bitten a hole in his arm when he’d had a moment’s hesitation. That’s how he’d learned not to hesitate. Balling his fist so tight the skin pulled taut and white over his knuckles, Shane Hewitt drove an uppercut punch into the vampire’s cheek and smiled when her jaws snapped together with a loud clack. His hand burned with protest, the bones grinding against each other as he shook off the punch. Hitting a vampire felt a lot like throwing your fist into a brick wall. Only a brick wall
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