February 2010 | Prabhu Sang Preet Lagaye (Big Ganga) | the shape of water

All or Nothing (Love by Design #3) by Kendall Ryan

1 “Ahhhhh . . .” A deep male groan broke from behind the closed door. Sex noises seemed really out of place in a church. Call me old-fashioned, but I was certain of two things: One, doggie style should be reserved for the bedroom, and two, we were all going to hell. “Come on,” I urged Braydon, tugging his tuxedo-clad elbow. “We can’t listen to this.” “I’m not going anywhere.” His feet remained planted to the floor, despite my efforts to shove him farther down the hall. A loud, thundering moan vibrated the door. My eyes jerked up to Braydon’s. His mouth quirked up in a lopsided grin, showing off his perfect dimple. He lowered himself to the floor, leaning his back against the wall with his long legs stretched out in front of him, and crossed his feet at the ankles. “What are you doing?” I hissed. Shouldn’t we give our friends some privacy? “Guarding the door.” He shrugged. “I’m sure one of those photographers outside would love a shot of the action in there.” He gestured with a nod toward the door of the church library where our friends wer
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