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All Spell Breaks Loose (Raine Benares #6) by Lisa Shearin

Chapter 1 I was going to Hell and had no clue what to pack. Regor was the goblin capital, home to my friend Tam and thousands of other goblins. Their home. My Hell. I’m Raine Benares. An elven seeker whose job used to be finding lost things and missing people, usually in nice, safe places like prisons and war zones. Now, thanks to a run-in with a soul-sucking rock looking for someone to call home, the entire world was about to turn into a war zone, and yours truly was the epicenter. Yesterday the world-ending stone known as the Saghred had been stolen. I called it several other names not repeatable in public. The thing had attached itself to me and magnified my magic; and even now that it was thousands of miles away, we were still bonded. The goblin who had ordered it stolen needed me dead to break that bond and transfer control of the rock and all of its power to himself. To stand a snowball’s chance in Hell (excuse me, Tam’s home) of destroying the rock, I needed to stay very much alive. Hence my dilemma—save the world or die a slow and painful death. Though I couldn’t exactly call my situation a dilemma. A dilemma implied you
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