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All the Pretty Poses (Pretty #2) by M. Leighton

CHAPTER ONE - Reese “Hot dayum! This is awesome!” Sig Locke says when I lead our little party through the doors of Exotique, one of several high-end dance clubs that I own. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Hemi, my younger brother, is speaking to his girlfriend, Sloane. She smiles up into his face. “Babe, this is for Sig. I want to make his first trip to Chicago a memorable one. I already told you that. Besides,” she says, leaning up to bite his chin, “maybe I can learn some moves.” Hemi’s smile is slow, but I know what he’s thinking. He’s already picturing her working a pole in a private show that’s just for him. “Oh, God!” Sig says, covering his ears with his hands. “I do not need to hear this shit!” I chuckle and shake my head, stopping for a second to look around. I’m always filled with a mixture of pride and arousal when I walk into one of my clubs. I’ve built an empire of very classy, very high-end exotic dance clubs that spans the United States and several other countries. And although I don’t get to visit all of them more than o
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