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All Things Pretty (Pretty #3) by M. Leighton

CHAPTER ONE- TOMMI The little thingy on the end of the jack slips off the lug nut and I smash my finger against the hot pavement. Again. I resist the urge to stick my throbbing middle finger into my mouth and I swallow the curse that’s swelling in my throat. Don’t cuss! Don’t cuss! I’m like a well-trained dog these days. I act just right, dress just right, talk just right. I’m all about appearances. I have to be. Lance demands it. And I need Lance, so I play ball. I wipe the back of my hand across my damp forehead and try again. Just one more nut, just one more. I sigh in relief when I put all one hundred and twenty eight pounds of my body weight on the car jack and the stubborn lug gives. I unscrew it and pull off the flat tire, rolling it over to lean up against the back fender of my car. Dusting off my hands, I check my nails to make sure none are broken –God forbid I show up for drinks with a gnarly manicure– as I walk to the trunk to remove my full-sized spare. After I manhandle it out of its little cubby beneath a false panel in the back of my car, I let it drop onto the asphalt, thinking I’ll roll it into positio
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