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Back in the Saddle (Jessica Brodie Diaries #1) by K.F. Breene

Chapter One I had done it again. I promised myself I would never end up here. Not again. But here I was, opening my bleary, make-up crusted eyes to a strange room, with strange lighting, and a strange man next to me, currently trying to hump my back in his sleep. While I didn’t usually wake up in these situations with a guy trying to hump me—wait, yes I did. Usually the guy in question was awake, though. I rubbed my eyes, trying not to smear my make-up any more than it already was, and decided I needed to figure out if this character was an ex-boyfriend, a hot guy, or simply an ugly loser like usual. One might argue that the first and the last were the same person. Trying not to stir the bed, and potentially wake the hopefully gorgeous stranger behind me, I cocked my head at an unnatural angle to get a glimpse of the guy’s face—I’ll call him Joe. Having a name for the dude I just slept with made the blockage in my chest loosen slightly. Joe lay with his nude groin against my back, slightly rocking and pumping to an erotic dream. His head was angled away, slightly turned toward the pillow, making seeing his feature
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