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Bad Romeo (Starcrossed #1) by Leisa Rayven

ONE TOGETHER AGAIN, TOO SOON Present Day New York City The Graumann Theater First day of rehearsal I rush down the crowded sidewalk, and a nervous sweat has broken out in all my most unglamorous places. I hear my mother’s voice inside my head—“A lady doesn’t sweat, Cassie. She glows.” In that case, Mom, I’m glowing like a pig. Anyway, I never claimed to be a lady. I tell myself I’m “glowing” because I’m running late. Not because of him. Tristan, my roommate/life coach, is convinced I’ve never gotten over him, but that’s crap. I’m so over him. I’ve been over him for a long time. I scurry across the road, dodging the unstoppable New York traffic. Several cab drivers curse me out in various languages. I merrily wave my middle finger, because I’m pretty sure flipping the bird means “fuck you” all over the world. I glance at my watch as I enter the theater and head to the rehearsal room. Dammit. Five minutes late. I can almost see the look of amusement on his bastard face, and I’m horrified that before I’ve
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