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Bayou Noel (Bayou Heat #8.5) by Laura Wright

CHAPTER 1 Paris, 2005 Night had just fallen when Garrick Loriot strode into his opulent Parisian apartment with a scowl on his lean, starkly handsome face. After months of delicate negotiations, he’d at last reached a tentative deal to purchase an apartment building in Montmartre to use as a safe house for Pantera Diplomats, only to have the negotiations fall apart when it was declared a historical landmark. Seriously. Was there anything in this city that wasn’t a f**king historical landmark? His pissy mood, however, swiftly disappeared when he flipped on the light and caught sight of the envelope that had been slipped beneath his door. It was from her. He could just catch the scent of vanilla mixed with earthy cypress. His heart did that familiar leap as he bent to grab it off the priceless Parisian carpet. He always looked forward to hearing from Molly. Especially this time of year. With his father deceased, these letters were his one and only connection to the Wildlands and the mother who had never fully recovered from a near-fatal accident. Like both his parents, Garrick was a born Diplomat which meant he never knew where he would be f
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