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Because of Lucy (Butterfly Days #1) by Lisa Swallow

Chapter 1 Autumn NESS There’s a stranger lying in my bed. The streetlight casts an orange glow through the open curtains and across the tell-tale mound. I’m standing in the doorway, and underneath my brand new and expensive bedding is a snoring figure. A male, judging by the size, and by the decibels. When I left for work this evening, the bed was definitely vacant. I drop my bag on the carpeted floor and swear loudly. He doesn’t hear. I’m not surprised, the noise of voices and music downstairs would drown out the sound of me murdering this moron. I suppose I should be thankful there’s not a couple using my bed. Slamming the door behind me, I head for the stairs. The tatty furniture of the lounge room is covered with people. Littered is the term I’d use looking at the state of them. Half a dozen inebriated, scruffy students draped over the brown sofa or propped against each other on the threadbare carpet. A couple gaze at me absently. My housemate, Abby squints and pulls herself unsteadily to her feet. She staggers towards me, wine sloshing onto the dirty floor. “Ness!” she cries, trying to hug me. I ste
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