Как устроена Вселенная (3 сезон) (2 серия из 9) [AVC] How the Universe Works | Dennis Chun | Download: Charlie Puth - We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez) [Official Video].mp3

Blackmailing the Billionaire (Billionaire Bachelors #5) by Melody Anne

Prologue “It’s been a good couple of years,” Joseph said to his brother as they shared a glass of bourbon while sitting next to a warm fire. “I agree with you there, Brother. I adore my grandkids and can’t believe how much closer the kids have become since we moved back to Seattle,” George said as he relaxed in the comfortable lounge chair. “I can’t believe how sneaky your boy, Max is. He’s been able to avoid every match we’ve sent his way. I haven’t wanted to give up before, but I don’t see what else we can do,” Joseph said grumpily. “Ah, it’s nice to hear you admitting defeat, Joseph, but I have a few tricks up my own sleeve,” George said with a twinkle in his eye. “What do you have planned?” Before George could say anything further Max stepped into the room and looked at both men suspiciously. They looked at him and then back down with guilty expressions. “Did I hear the two of you scheming, again?” Max asked. “We’re just enjoying a good glass of bourbon, would you care to join us?” George asked his son, reco
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