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Body Games (Games #5) by Jessica Clare

Chapter One “I was excited to get the chance to play Endurance Island. Been sitting at home, recovering and doing leg exercises. I actually was so pumped that I dropped my damn phone. Screen shattered a million ways. I sort of missed everything after the whole ‘Want to play again’ question. Do I want to play? Hell yeah I do. I keep thinking of everything I did wrong in House Guests. I should have won. I played a good game and had no enemies. Unfortunately, I went up against someone who was as charismatic as he was underhanded, and he won. Moral of the story? The good guy never wins.” — Jendan Abercrombie, Pre-Game Interview, Endurance Island: Power Players “Aren’t you that girl from Endurance Island?” I mentally cringed as I put the customer’s water glass down on the table, but I kept my smile pinned to my face. No smile, no tips, and waitresses worked for tips. “What’s your name again?” The eagerly smiling woman seated on my left didn’t mean any harm, but I hated every time I got that question. “Annabelle. Annabelle Tucker. Season four.” I placed paper-wrapped straws on
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