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Born in Shame (Born In Trilogy #3) by Nora Roberts

Prologue Amanda dreamed dreadful dreams. Colin was there, his sweet, well-loved face crushed with sorrow. Mandy, he said. He never called her anything but Mandy. His Mandy, my Mandy, darling Mandy. But there’d been no smile in his voice, no laugh in his eyes. Mandy, we can’t stop it. I wish we could. Mandy, my Mandy, I miss you so. But I never thought you’d have to come so soon after me. Our little girl, it’s so hard for her. And it’ll get harder. You have to tell her, you know. He smiled then, but it was sad, so sad, and his body, his face, that had seemed so solid, so close that she’d reached out in sleep to touch him, began to fade and shimmer away. You have to tell her, he repeated. We always knew you would. She needs to know where she comes from. Who she is. But tell her, Mandy, tell her never to forget that I loved her. I loved my little girl. Oh, don’t go, Colin. She moaned in her sleep, pining for him. Stay with me. I love you, Colin. My sweet Colin. I love you for all you are. But she couldn’t bring him back. And couldn’t stop the dream. Oh, how lovely to see Ireland again, she thought, dr
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