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Brazen (Otherworld Stories #13.1) by Kelley Armstrong

One Nick When Nick Sorrentino’s alarm went off at five a.m., he bolted upright, certain it was his phone ringing, some emergency unfolding. Five years ago, he would have figured it’d be Elena or Clay with a Pack problem. These days, his first thought was “the boys.” Reese or Noah was in trouble and needed his help. Or had been out drinking and needed a lift. Even with werewolves, the second was more likely, particularly if the werewolves in question were twenty-two and nineteen. But it wasn’t his phone ringing—it was the alarm. Why the hell would he set it for five a.m.? It must have been one of the boys, playing a sadistic… As he reached to shut the phone off, he was stopped by the fact it was not on the nightstand beside him. Well, yes, it was, but there was an obstacle in between. A woman. She groaned, fumbled for his phone and handed it to him. Right. That was why he’d set the alarm. He needed to get home to take Noah to school because he’d been grounded from using his car, which was, Nick had to admit, turning out to be more of a punishment for him than for Noah. At least he’d had the p
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