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Broken Juliet (Starcrossed #2) by Leisa Rayven

ONE BEAUTIFUL REPAIR Present Day New York City, New York The Apartment of Cassandra Taylor In Japan, they have something called Kintsugi—the art of repairing precious pottery with gold. The result is a piece that has obviously been broken, but is more beautiful for it. It’s a concept that has always fascinated me. So often, people try to hide their scars. As if the slightest damage proves how weak they are. They equate scars with mistakes, and those mistakes with shame. Perfection forever marred. Kintsugi does the opposite. It says, “There is beauty born from tragedy. Look at these precious fault lines of experience.” As I stand in my hallway, staring at the front door that reverberates with my former lover’s knocks, it occurs to me that even though Kintsugi is a noble concept, it doesn’t change the truth that once something is broken, it can never be anything else. Beautiful repair, no matter how elegant, doesn’t make it whole again. It’s still just a collection of pieces impersonating its former shape. Judging from his soul-baring e-mail this morning, which included an epic declaration of l
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