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Call of the Highland Moon (The MacInnes Werewolves #1) by Kendra Leigh Castle

Chapter One THE NIGHT WAS CALLING TO HIM. Gideon MacInnes stood before the open window, inhaling the biting mid-December wind, savoring it as though it were the most intoxicating midsummer’s breeze. Run with me, it whispered. But was it safe? He closed his eyes and tilted his head back slightly, his shaggy fall of dark brown hair just grazing the tops of his shoulders with the motion, and scented the lay of this place. It was at once unfamiliar and yet not so very unlike the land, an ocean away, he called home. Gideon’s nostrils flared slightly. Pine. Wood smoke. The rich, earthy smell of decaying leaves. The temptation of a lone, foraging deer. And underneath it all, winding like a ribbon through each singular aroma, the unmistakable promise of snow. Judging by the heaviness of the air, there would likely be more than any of the locals would like by morning, even as accustomed as they were to spending close to half the year at winter’s mercy. He really ought to go, Gideon knew, if he didn’t want to find himself stranded for a few extra days. Especially when he’d just gotten off the phone after announcing his decision to retu
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