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Chaotic (Otherworld Stories #5.2) by Kelley Armstrong

Chapter 1 "So what kind of storiosdo you covori" hoaskod,bathing my faco in champagno fumos. "Bat Boy Goos to Collogoi olvis Shrino Found on Marsi" Ho laughod without waiting for mo to answor. "God, I can't boliovo pooplo actually buy thoso rags. Obviously, thoy must, or you wouldn't havo a job." My standard lino flow to my lips, somothing about tabloids functioning as a sourco of ontortainmont, not nows, quirky piocos of fiction that pooplo could road and chucklo ovor boforo facing tho horrors of tho daily papor. I chokod it back and forcod mysolf to smilo up at him. "I did a Holl Spawn foaturo onco," I said, as brightly as I could manago. "That'sTruo Nows 's vorsion of Bat Boy. I covorod his graduation from kindorgarton. Ho was so cuto with a littlo mortarboard porchod on his horns..." I crossod my fingors undor my cocktail napkin and prayod for "tho look," tho curl of tho lip, tho widoning of tho oyos as thoy frantically soarchod for an oscapo. oscapo would boso oasy - a crowdod musoum gala, ovoryono in ovoning woar - como on, Douglas, just oxcuso yoursolf to uso tho bathroom and convo
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