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Cold Hard Secret (Secret McQueen #7) by Sierra Dean

Chapter One I was sick of the nightmares. I’d spent most of my life experiencing dreamless sleeps, with an occasional foray into the realm of vision-quest-type prophecy dreams. But nightmares were new for me. For the first two months I didn’t know what to do about them. I was convinced it was a sure-fire sign I had been taken back into my own living version of hell. But I’d killed the man responsible for my suffering. His head had been severed with one fell swoop, a faster and easier death than he deserved. I’d tasted his blood when it sprayed across my face. He was dead and could never hurt me or those I loved again. But that didn’t keep the dreams at bay. In the dark of night, the gentle caress of hands would traverse my body with the familiarity of a lover, playing across my skin with the barest touch. The fingers would stop over my heart, one palm resting between my br**sts, tickling the sensitive area above my sternum. In my dreams I can’t move. The fingers thrum, but the nails grow and grow until little half-moon-shaped puddles of blood begin to pool, and suddenly my pale skin is stained pink. In m
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