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Coveted (Gwen Sparks #3) by Stephanie Nelson

Chapter One I held myself rigid, aloof, as I stood in front of Aiden. I did my best to hide the crumbling, fragile woman hiding just beneath the surface. Could he see her? Was the disguise I wore translucent, fooling no one but me? It’d been a week since I last spoke to or saw Aiden. In that time I’d thrown a pity party or two, but I was getting better—stronger. Or at least I told myself I was. The pain of Aiden’s betrayal stemmed not just from that of a deceived lover, but also a friend. For two years I’d known the man standing in front of me. We’d teased, argued and confided in one another. It was that friendship that grew into a romance. However short it’d been, it’d been real. Aiden was charismatic with his playful grin. His tousled black hair hung across his forehead, peeking over his thick lashes and curtaining his bright blue eyes. He was a masterpiece, and he’d been mine. But just like any work of art, oftentimes tragedy clung to it. Aiden’s particular tragedy was his addiction to witches’ blood, or Brew as the vampires call it. Maybe it was an honest mistake—his addiction. Or one birthed fro
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