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Crave The Moon (Nightcreature #11) by Lori Handeland

CHAPTER 1 “You got another letter from moldy, old Dr. Mecate.” Gina O’Neil glanced up from grooming a horse to discover her best friend, Jase McCord, holding up a brilliantly white business-sized envelope. She knew exactly what business it contained. How could she not, considering the obstinate Dr. Mecate had sent her at least half a dozen others just like it? It would behoove you to allow me to dig on your property. What in hell was a behoove? Proving my academic theory would increase the cachet of your establishment. She had the same question about cachet. I would be happy to advance remuneration. Who talked like that? “Helloo.” Jase waved the envelope back and forth, his wide, high-cheekboned face softened by the chip in his front tooth that he’d gotten when he was bucked from a horse at the age of eight. His face, combined with his compact but well-honed body, made him look like a marauding Ute warrior, which was exactly what he would have been if born in a previous century. “What should I—?” Gina snatched the envelope from his hand. “I’ll take care of it.” In the
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