Paul Williams | deep space waifu: FLAT JUSTICE VERSION | Love Through a Millennium (2015) (Complete)

Dark Highland Fire (The MacInnes Werewolves #2) by Kendra Leigh Castle

Chapter 1 Rowan closed her eyes and breathed deeply. I am in the Great Tent of the Dyadd Morgaine, she thought, concentrating until she could almost believe it was so. In her mind's eye, she stood under a ceiling of gently billowing crimson silk, the lush carpet beneath her bare feet the grass of the forest. The faint calls of night creatures just awakening drifted to her on a breath of sultry evening air, already rich with the scent of spice. Tonight the Dyadd would feast, and well. But first, as they always had, they would dance. Rowan stood poised, still and silent as a statue alongside her sisters, her mother, waiting for the music to begin. The villagers who had gathered to pay them homage held a collective breath, the desire of the men who would offer of themselves already prickling her skin with anticipation. The drums began to beat. She was ready ... "Hey babe, wake up. You're next." "Shit," she muttered, using one of her favorite human curse words as a curvy brunette wearing nothing but a G-string brushed past her, jerking her instantly back to reality. Memories of spiced summer air and forest drums vanished instan
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