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Deadly Crush (Deadly Trilogy #1) by Ashley Stoyanoff

CHAPTER 1 ~ JADE ~ I should have taken my own advice. It was good advice. Simple advice. Advice that I had lived by for two full years. All I had to do was stay clear of the pack. They were just a bunch of dogs. That was it. Nothing special. Just dogs with a superiority complex. Nothing good ever happened by getting mixed up with them. I had seen the proof of their destruction over and over and what had I done? I had let one of them help me. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. The thing was, it wasn’t easy to avoid them. The pack had been a part of Dog Mountain since, well, forever. I was pretty sure that the town was even named after them. Why else would they have called it Dog Mountain? Anyway, they were everywhere; in school, on the streets, at the stores; you couldn’t go anywhere without running into one of them. Everyone knew about them. In most towns, that would have freaked people out, but not here. Here, the werewolves were welcomed by everyone, well, everyone but me. Personally, I couldn’t stand them. They walked around as if they owned everything. I guessed they kind of did, or their families did. But that wasn’t the point. They were pos
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