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Deceived (Gwen Sparks #2) by Stephanie Nelson

1 “What are we doing in a graveyard?” I eyed Kye with uncertainty as we wound through the headstones. It had been a stressful week. Fiona and I received a summons to come to Moon, the town of the witches. These sorts of towns sat all across the United States and housed mainly the otherworldly due to the fact that the humans demanded segregation. Some of the towns allowed humans within their protective borders but Moon wasn’t one of them. It was strictly witches and hidden to look like a forest to the unknowing eye. The town wasn’t actually called Moon, its name was Latin—Per Lucem Lunae—which translated to “by the light of the moon, but it was easier for everyone to just call it Moon. The Northern American Witches Council (NAWC) was not happy to learn vampires knew they could harvest the magic in our blood. Vampires producing magic wasn’t natural or safe. As witches we answered to the NAWC for our actions. If we use our magic for negative deeds, then we had to face the council. The vampires, though, could use our magic unrestrained without any laws governing their stolen abilities. Since the vampire council wasn’t
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