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Dragon Avenger (Age of Fire #2) by E.E. Knight

BOOK ONE Hatchling BETTER SEVEN RAGING DRAGONS AS YOUR ENEMY THAN A SINGLE PATIENT DRAGONELLE. —Islebreadth Chapter 1 The cloudscapes and air currents, so pleasant to drift across, darkened. Her glittering green scales turned dull and slag. A vast black mass rolled overhead. Thunder hit her ears, pounding thunder, relentless, unnaturally regular, pursuing her like hoofbeats. She tipped her wings, dropped, tried to flee the storm, but the darkness overtook her. The feathery dimpling of the clouds below disappeared, replaced by a wet mist of confusion . . . suffocation. The darkness shot down her nostrils and into her lungs. Out, out of this weather! She tried to straighten her neck, form her body into an arrow, to dive out of the storm and take shelter, but her limbs wouldn’t cooperate. She twitched, confused, fighting, unwilling to draw a breath of the storm’s thick air. Crack! Am I lightning-struck? she thought. Then the air came and she breathed, a gasp that infused her with new life, her limbs with strength. The mists faded, except for the booming thunder; she realized the noise in her ears was her own hear
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