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Dragon Outcast (Age of Fire #3) by E.E. Knight

BOOK ONE Hatchling “A BAD START IS STILL A START.” —Tyr FeHazathant Chapter 1 No pleasant dream, this. Discomfort and darkness, cold and cramp, clinging tendrils binding. The restrictions vexed him. The hatchling struggled against his torment, twisting his neck to a more comfortable position, for his head kept jerking uncontrollably. Suddenly his nose tore free of its bonds with a startling crack that ran down his body to the tail-tip. A membrane gave way, air tickled at his nose, and his lungs greedily pulled in its enticing freshness and a comforting, musky odor that filled him with longing. A weight dragged at his belly, and he knew he had to be free of it. He reached up a rear claw and tore it away, the small pain worth the greater freedom. The pain brought an additional benefit: His mind cleared of dreams and confusion and doubt. Instinct took over his little body, from deepest fiber to smallest hatchling scale. He pushed in every direction at once, head twisting and battering at the gap as his nose worked out. Then it all gave way and he sprawled, whipping his tail around and fighting to right himself in a mass of c
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