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Dragon Rule (Age of Fire #5) by E.E. Knight

BOOK ONE Faiths “Intent and result are two allies who rarely meet.” —Aphorism engraved on the south wall of the Hypatian Directory Chapter 1 The Copper dragon, Tyr of Worlds Upper and Lower, Exalted Protector of the Grand Alliance, tried not to show the pain. The velvet darkness of the warm air over the Inland Ocean might have been that of summer instead of late autumn. The oceanic currents near the nighted shore swirled with the balm of the shallower waters of the delta country to the south. Heat rising from the phosphorescent waters, alive with tiny glowing creatures riding the warmth, caressed his wings and underbelly as he flew. He couldn’t remember the last time he enjoyed such a perfect night for flying. Not that there was time to enjoy an idyll. The moon had vanished below the horizon; it was time for hard flying to Sway-port, rocky fastness of the Pirate Lords on the Western Shores of the Inland Ocean. The soft air, seemingly made to beckon young dragons into the sky to chase and turn and embrace at last as mates, was cut instead by wings bound for war. Healthy wings with intact joints, that is. The Copper d
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