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Dragon Strike (Age of Fire #4) by E.E. Knight

BOOK ONE Adapt GRANT A FAVOR TO ONE GENERATION OF HOMINIDS, AND YOU’LL FIND THEIR SONS TWICE AS DEMANDING—AND THRICE AS FORGETFUL. —AuRel the Bronze Chapter 1 AuRon son of AuRel, the scaleless dragon who lived upon the Isle of Ice, watched his sons blink in the brassy sun of the dazzling northern spring. In the winter, AuRon had learned, the island saw constant snow, coming in waves from low iron clouds. Summers were alternately foggy and rainy, save for a brief, enchanted dry spell after midsummer. But the turning seasons, spring and fall, slow getting started but always lingering thanks to the warm ocean currents, made up for the rest. As though in apology, spring had brought wildflowers to the thin patches of soil clinging between granite spurs where the wind died. Their yellow and blue and white heads looked up, as bright as sun, sea, and sky. Incredibly, insects already danced and buzzed between the blooms, keeping low, out of the wind, where the sky heated black earth and turned melt into mire. AuRon looked at his sons, pride making the armored fans covering his neck hearts twitch. In a few months they would breathe the
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