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Dreaming of the Wolf (Heart of the Wolf #8) by Terry Spear

Chapter 1 Annoyance welling up inside him, Jake Silver stared at the closed sign taped prominently to the glass door as he parked in front of the Cliffside Art Gallery in Breckenridge, Colorado, his framed photography neatly stacked in the backseat of his pickup truck. Hell, he didn’t want to be here in the first place. But now this? The Victorian charm of the place reminded him of his own hometown of Silver Town, where he should have stayed! The sign pronounced: Closed until 11 a.m. due to unforeseen family emergency. With so much work to do managing the leather-goods factory and running the town and pack as his older brother’s sub-leader, Jake had only intended to drop off his photography and then drive the three hours back home. He hadn’t originally planned to display his photography at all. But his brother’s mate had finally persuaded him, despite him having balked at the notion. And Jake had to admit sales of his photographs in a Denver art gallery had exceeded expectations. Still, he had half a mind to forget the whole damn thing and return home. But he knew Lelandi would be upset if he didn’t go through with this, and in h
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