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Embracing the Wolf (Anna Avery #2) by Stephanie Nelson

Chapter One I leaned against the banister at the back of the deck. Adam stood at the front, our pack in the middle, listening to his every word. An easy smile fell across my lips as I stared at my Chante. His shaggy blonde hair brushed his jaw as he moved his head with his speech. Strong arms cut through the air as he gestured with his hands. Our pack hung on his every word, and so did I. He captivated me, and not just with his announcement about a scheduled summit. Adam was my other half, my soul mate—my Chante. Every fiber of my being had been designed just for him, as well as he had been for me. As a girl who never kept a boyfriend longer than two weeks, all of this was new to me. I had been thrust into not just a relationship, but also a union. Our bonding tied us together and left me highly aware of his presence. The odd thing was, I wasn’t afraid of it. When I looked at Adam, I felt three things: pride, lust, and love—not necessarily in that order. “… to train Anna …” His words cut through my mind like a blade, severing all thoughts of love and lust. I snapped to attention and listened to what he was saying. “As
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