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Evidence of Passion (Shadow Agents #7) by Cynthia Eden

Prologue “You should’ve walked away and dropped the charges. Hell, you should’ve just given the case to someone else to prosecute. To anyone else.” Sadness coated his words. So did fury. Rachel Mancini jerked against the ropes that held her. Terror clawed through her body. He’d tied her to the chair, secured her so completely. After he’d drugged her. The drugs were still in her system. They made her limbs feel sluggish, but the drugs did nothing to numb the terror coursing through her body. “You should have listened!” She blinked and found him right in front of her. Adam Wright. The man she’d been dating for the past three months. The man she’d fallen for so easily. He was charming. He was handsome. He was also a killer. His hand lifted and she tensed, expecting him to hit her. Instead, his fingers skimmed lightly over her cheek. It was a familiar caress. He’d touched her that way dozens of times. This time his touch seemed to burn her. “I didn’t count on you, Rachel,” Adam said, his voice dropping to a low growl. “The kills are always so easy. I do t
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