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Falling Away (Falling #2) by Devon Ashley

1 “I can feel you watching me.” He chuckled, and the bed sank the tiniest bit as he leaned over to kiss my forehead softly. Robert’s hand was atop mine on my stomach, gently stroking the tops of my fingers. “Sorry. It’s just rare to actually see you when I wake up in the morning.” Smiling, I murmured, “You could always quit swimming and those stupid five A.M. practices.” He ignored me ‘cause we both knew that would never happen, I just liked to tease him when he brought up our lack of time together. “Did you know your nose twitches when you sleep? Kind of like a squirrel.” I huffed under my breath. My lips pursed and my free hand swatted, but I hit nothing but air. I still hadn’t opened my eyes, not wanting to give up on a rare morning of sleeping in. Light permeated my eyelids, ruining the darkness I craved to fall back asleep. We’d left the windows cracked last night, so a soothing chorus sung by several chickadees drifted in. Robert’s hand trailed away from mine, and the cool air licked the warmth away. A second later he poked my side. Then again. “Stop it
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