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Glimmer (Nina Decker #1) by Vivi Anna

Chapter 1 The doors from the ambulance bay burst open and two EMTs rolled in a stretcher, a woman badly bleeding lay strapped to the gurney. I was there waiting for them, immediately checking vitals. “What have we got?” “Werewolf attack,” one of the EMTs announced, “She was found near the water wall in Stanley Park.” I gaped at him. “Are you sure it was a werewolf attack” We rolled the patient down the corridor toward the trauma rooms. Only one was available as we’d just received two criticals from a motor vehicle accident. Other nurses and doctors brushed past us, shouting out orders to each other. Patients in wheelchairs and gurneys lined the walls waiting for their turn at treatment. The night was a busy one. Must’ve been a full moon or something. “Gut ripped open. Claw marks on both arms and legs. Don’t know of anything else that could do that.” I didn’t either, at least not in the city. But I hated that since the werewolves came out of the closet, so to speak, a couple of years ago, there had been a tendency to point a finger any time someone was apparently at
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