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Goddess of Spring (Goddess Summoning #2) by P.C. Cast

Prologue " Even amidst the lovely Dryads your daughter shines, my Lady," Eirene said. She wasn't looking at me as she spoke. Instead she was smiling at Persephone in a proud, motherly fashion, and she did not notice that my lips tightened into a thin line at her words. "She is Spring personified and even the beauty of the nymphs cannot begin to compete with her splendor." At the sound of my words, Eirene's sharp gaze immediately shifted to my face. My faithful nursemaid had known me too long not to recognize my tone. "The child troubles you, Demeter?" she asked gently. "How could she not!" I snapped. Only Eirene's silence betrayed her hurt. I shifted my golden scepter from my right hand to my left, and leaned forward so that I could touch her arm in a wordless apology. As usual, she stood near my throne, always ready to serve me. But she was, of course, much more to me than a simple nursemaid or servant. She was my confidant and one of my most loyal advisors. As such she deserved to be treated with respect, and my harsh tone toward her was a sign of how distracted I had become. Her distinctive gray e
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