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Hanging On (Jessica Brodie Diaries #2) by K.F. Breene

Chapter One I sat in the car with William, the guy I had lusted over for months. The same guy I thought couldn’t care less about me. He had it all, including a packed schedule that didn’t accommodate dating. And he was fitting me in. It was a dream come true. Hopefully. We were in his car, after just having reconciled months' worth of me thinking he was too good, that he didn’t like me, that he thought I was subpar... It took a lengthy explanation from him to know that was false. And now onto happily ever after. Except not, since his mother would greatly disapprove. Which was a problem for tomorrow. For right now, we were in bliss. Together. And that’s all that mattered. “Did you want to go to the bull riding practice with me?” William asked, completely nonchalant. “Or would you like me to drop you at home and meet me later?” I soared hearing him make plans in such a nonchalant way. “I would love to change my clothes,” I answered, also trying for nonchalant. “No time. You are fine the way you are. You’re coming then?” “Guess so. Dirty and haggard.”
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